outie belly button

Have you ever wondered what causes an outie belly button to form? Belly buttons come in a variety of types, and they feature either an ‘outie’ or an ‘innie’ look. While some people have one button from birth, others may develop one later in life.

So, what causes an outie belly button? Read on to learn how our belly buttons form and the main factors that can cause them to stick out…

How do belly buttons form?

The belly button is a constant reminder of where we came from. It is where the umbilical cord was attached, keeping us connected to our mother. After the umbilical cord is cut, it leaves behind a short stump. This eventually falls off to leave behind the belly button.

The way that the belly button appears isn’t down to your parents or the doctor who delivered you. Instead, it develops its looks mostly through chance.

What causes an outie belly button?

Outie belly buttons may be caused by how the skin grew as it healed after birth. However, they can also develop later in life. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of an outie belly button below.

Umbilical hernias

Umbilical hernias develop near or through the belly button. They typically occur when the hole left from the umbilical cord fails to close properly. This means that pregnant women are most at risk of developing this type of hernia after giving birth.
The good news is that most of these hernias do not require any form of treatment. However, you will have one until it disappears. If you suspect you have an umbilical hernia, it should still be checked over to determine if treatment will be required.

Underlying conditions

Sometimes, an outie belly button that develops in adulthood may be down to an underlying condition. Certain conditions can put pressure onto the belly button, triggering it to develop an outie appearance.

In rare cases, it can be caused by Ascites. This underlying condition causes fluid to build up within the Peritoneal cavity. It is typically caused by a disorder of the liver or kidneys. Hepatosplenomegaly is another underlying condition that can push the belly button outwards. It occurs due to an enlarged spleen or liver.

Can it be reversed?

In most cases, it will resolve itself when the underlying cause is addressed. However, if you were born with an outie belly button, there is a procedure you can undergo to turn it into an innie. It is known as an umbilicoplasty.
If you suspect that your outie belly button may be down to an Umbilical hernia, book a consultation today. Mr Woodward will help you to determine whether treatment is required, alongside a rundown of your options.

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