Anal health

Worried about your anal health? It’s common to be embarrassed about issues with your posterior. However, did you know some anal health concerns can turn out to be serious?

Seeking help for anal health-related issues is important. So, this Valentine’s Day why not commit to loving your bum and seeking help for any lingering issues you are experiencing? Here, we will look at some of the most common anal health problems you may be experiencing.


Haemorrhoids (Piles) are the most common anal issue most people experience at some point in their life.
Common symptoms of Haemorrhoids include itching, bleeding after relieving the bowels, discomfort, and feeling like you haven’t fully emptied the bowels after going to the toilet. While they can be worrying, Haemorrhoids are usually easy to treat with lifestyle changes, and surgery is rarely required. However, there are different surgery options, including Rafaello technique, which Mr Woodward specialises in. To find out more about Rafaello treatment, get in touch to book a consultation.
If you are not sure, it is always worth getting any lumps around the anus or rectal bleeding checked out properly by your doctor first.

Anal Health – Skin troubles

While skin conditions mostly occur on the face, arms, or legs, they can affect your bum too. One condition in particular that could be the culprit for an itchy bum is known as lichen sclerosus. It presents as white patches of skin and is uncomfortable as well as itchy. While the condition can’t be cured, it can be successfully managed with steroid cream.

If you are found to have lichen sclerosis, it will need to be monitored on an annual basis. This is because it increases the risk of developing cancer of the penis or vulva.

Alternatively, you may be suffering from a less harmful skin condition such as thrush. This causes redness and soreness as well as itching around the anus. It can be treated with a specialist cream, though it will typically go away by itself.


If you have noticed small pieces of what looks like white thread in your stools, you could be suffering from worms. If this is the cause, you will notice the itching becomes worse at night. While they are easy to treat, worms can spread through the household, infecting everyone in the family. Therefore, you may need to treat everyone in the home with medication.

Anal fissure

Sometimes, the skin of the anus can split, leading to what is known as an anal fissure. This can cause bleeding and pain, especially when you attempt to go to the toilet.

Initially, the pain may be intense before it gradually turns into a deep burning kind of pain. This can last for a few hours after you have been to the toilet. Creams can be used to heal the anal fissure, and laxatives can help soften the stools to make them less painful to pass.

Anal cancer

One of the more serious problems your bum may be trying to alert you to is anal cancer. Bleeding from the anus and small hard lumps can be a sign of cancer. While it is much more likely to be a less serious issue, any problems with your anal health should be checked out as quickly as possible with a medical professional. Book a consultation with Mr Woodward so that you can discuss the different treatment options that are right for you.

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