Recurring hernia

In recent years, there have been dramatic improvements made within hernia surgery. Today, the procedure is simple, highly effective, and can be carried out quickly. But despite how advanced hernia removal techniques have become, there is still a risk of recurrence.

The hernia recurrence rate is currently said to be around 20%. The good news is that it is possible to prevent a recurring hernia. In this blog, we reveal why hernias typically come back and what you can do to lower the risk.

What causes a recurring hernia?

There are a lot of factors that can cause a recurring hernia. The most common include:

  • The type of repair carried out
  • Complex hernias
  • Lifestyle factors

Did you know that the type of repair carried out could impact the chance of hernia recurrence? Traditional open surgical repairs that don’t use mesh are said to present the biggest risk. When the surgical mesh is used, it is said to lower the chance of recurrence to 3%.

Incisional hernias also tend to pose the biggest threat of recurrence. They occur through an incision that was previously made within the wall of the abdomen. If the incision didn’t heal properly, the surrounding wall is weaker. This allows a hernia to easily break through the incision site. When repairing the hernia, an additional incision is required which can add to the problem.
Finally, certain lifestyle factors can also increase the risk of a recurring hernia. Smoking, being overweight, heavy exercise, and pregnancy are the main risk factors to be aware of. Each of them places strain upon the abdomen, causing a hernia to form.

Tips to avoid a recurring hernia

While it isn’t always possible to prevent hernia recurrence, there are some things you can do to lower your risk. Here are some of the best tips to follow…

Seek treatment early

The best way to prevent a recurring hernia is to seek treatment for your original hernia quickly. Emergency hernia repairs are known to increase the risk of recurrence. This type of repair is typically carried out when the hernia has been left untreated. So, the earlier you seek treatment, the less likely it is to happen again.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

As hernia recurrence is increased due to certain lifestyle factors, following a healthy routine is essential. This means getting plenty of daily exercise, eating a balanced diet, and reducing your consumption of alcohol. If you smoke, quitting will also reduce the risk of hernia recurrence.

Chat to an experienced surgeon

Everybody’s risk factor of a recurring hernia is different. Therefore, if you want to lower your own risk, it’s important to choose an experienced hernia surgeon, and arrange a consultation.

Mr Woodward only uses the latest techniques in hernia repair, so that you receive the highest standard of treatment and a reduced risk of recurrence. He can assess your individual circumstances and advise you on your personalised risk and options.
To learn more about recurring hernias or to seek treatment for an existing hernia, book a consultation with Mr Woodward today.

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