excision of skin lumps

Skin lumps and bumps can manifest for various reasons, including cysts, lipomas, or benign tumours. While often harmless, these protrusions can cause discomfort, aesthetic concerns, or even potential health risks if left untreated.

At Alan Woodward Surgical Group, our approach focuses on thorough evaluation, personalised care, and minimally invasive techniques to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

During the excision procedure, you can expect meticulous surgical techniques to remove any targeted skin irregularities while preserving surrounding tissues. Any concerning lumps will be analysed by skin experts and appropriately followed-up.

Precise removal for optimum cosmetic outcomes

The process begins with a detailed consultation, where the patient’s medical history and specific concerns are thoroughly discussed.

Once the treatment plan is tailored to the patient’s unique needs, the surgical excision commences under local anaesthesia, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Mr Woodward’s surgical expertise enables precise removal of the targeted lumps or bumps, with meticulous attention to cosmetic outcomes.

Postoperative care is paramount in ensuring a smooth recovery and optimal results. Mr Woodward and his team provide comprehensive instructions and support to facilitate healing and minimise discomfort. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor progress and to address any concerns.

Any suspicious lesions with cause for concern will be sent away for analysis, and there may be an onward referral depending on the results.

Find out more about excision of skin lumps and bumps

To learn more about the excision of skin lumps and bumps, visit our new webpage here – awsg.co.uk/excision-of-skin-lumps-and-bumps/.

If it has been recommended that you undergo an excision of a skin lump or bump, schedule an appointment with Mr Woodward to learn more about what to expect. He will address any concerns you may have and help to put your mind at ease.

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